Tuition transparency

At the Martial Arts Education Centre we have a policy of complete tuition transparency.  Unlike some other martial arts schools that make you come in first and wont tell you their fees we are happy to disclose them.

Also we will not make you sign any contracts so if you have to stop attending for whatever reason the payments can be cancelled immediately.  We are NOT a commercial school but we do have bills and rent to pay so as long as we can cover these we are happy!

If you feel you can not afford our fees then you are welcome to come and try out and then discuss what you can afford.  We do have some scholarship type placements so please give us a try and find out what we have to offer.

Please be advised that we reserve the right NOT to accept any and every student that wants to join.  We may cancel your membership at any time (and cancel the payments) if your behaviour is considered unsuitable.


Initial Payment

Please note that the first TWO lessons are completely free.  So you can come in and try to see if what we have to offer will suit you.  If you like what we do then the following fees will apply.

All our students start with an initial payment.  For this they get the 'dogi' or training uniform along with the next two weeks training.  The fees for this are $150 for all juniors and $200 for all seniors.  Family members joining at the same time will receive a 50% discount for each additional member ie 2 senior members joining the initial fee is only $300 ($200 for the first and $100 for the second)


Ongoing payments

If there is only one of you then the fees are $66 per fortnight.  For a family (two or more in the same family at the same address) the fees are only $99 per fortnight.  These payments are on a direct debit system as this makes it much easier for us to track payments and gives us more time to teach.  These fees can be adjusted for workers who work shifts and can not get to all classes.  Additionally, for this fee you may attend one or two different styles classes (except BJJ or Tai Chi - see below).  For example you can attend both Japanese Jujitsu and Kobudo classes.  If you want to attend a third style as well, for example attend Karate classes in addition to Jujitsu and Kobudo, then there is an additional fee of $33 per fortnight.  We do also have a 'Class Pass' system for those people that find it difficult to attend regular classes.  These can be purchased in 5, 10 and 20 class pass amounts.  It is also possible to pay an upfront amount to cover 3, 6 or 12 months of tuition and these amounts are discounted on the usual fortnightly payment system.



Really we have NO extras except in Kobudo where you will have to buy some additional training weapons as the need arises.  All gradings are free.  The only additional cost would be seminars that are held at our centre.  However, occasionally some of these are also free.  So the fees you see above are really all that you need pay



BJJ and Tai Chi have a slightly different fee structure.  The BJJ and Tai Chi instructors have their own scale of fees.  Those students that are also studying one of our main studies such as Kobudo get a substantial discount on the BJJ fees but they are an additional cost.  If you are ONLY studying BJJ or Tai Chi the fees are payable directly to the instructor and he will inform you of the amount by the relevant instructor.